Are you a budding video game designer? Black Mirror is back.

  • 8 January 2019

Christmas is always synonymous with great TV – new favourites, old classics and timeless specials. But these days we’ve also selfishly come to expect a new series of Black Mirror to help us navigate the lost time between Christmas and New Years – and the tail-end of 2018 did not disappoint when Bandersnatch appeared on Netflix.

A one-off special hailed as the “TV of tomorrow” by The Guardian, Bandersnatch takes us back to 1984 and follows video game designer Stefan as he attempts to make it in this budding industry by delivering a revolutionary multiple-ending game. However, this is one episode of Black Mirror with a twist – the viewer selects the path that Stefan goes down and his eventual ending. With five alternative conclusions and multiple questions along the way, everyone’s route to the programme finale is unique. One hell of a rollercoaster, you’re forced to choose in extreme – from the mundane of what morning cereal you’d prefer right through to literal life or death moments. The result is perhaps writer Charlie Brooker’s most dystopian outing yet.

We were excited to team up directly once again with Netflix on the out-of-home campaign. The poster creative was just as immersive as the show, not mentioning the online streaming service but instead featuring 80s video games which reference episodes from the Black Mirror anthology. The poster campaign also ran a meta Tuckersoft job advert for budding computer game designers – much like the one that Stefan responds to in Bandersnatch. The 4 sheet posters popped up everywhere across the UK alongside eery 48 sheet billboards, and the original designs certainly got fans excited with many taking to their socials to shout about the work.