Your Space Or Mine

Holy Moly

  • 17 June 2020
  • Words by Adrian Burnham
Holy Moly - Your Space Or Mine, Bristol

Bristol based designer Carl Cozier (aka Holy Moly) has produced a series of captivating images for his Your Space Or Mine COVID-19 collaboration with the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family. With the mainstream media largely carrying dire news of tragedy and political incompetence he wanted to commemorate and celebrate the positive examples of human behaviour bought about by lockdown. “I’ve been motivated by a need to reframe this crisis in a way that encourages empathy and love rather than fear and anxiety.”

In ‘Staying Apart, Always Together’ we see set against a rising sun the silhouette of two figures standing apart. Their shadows, however, are holding hands like a couple, like friends or family. Pre-quarantine this poster might’ve seemed a tad saccharine but its clear message and tender sentiment will be seen by many passers-by as pretty heart-warming right now.

In a more elaborate work Cozier honours the dedication and fortitude demonstrated by people working throughout the NHS. With a nod to the aesthetics of socialist realism his ‘National Hero Service’ design shows a nurse draped in a blue flag bearing either the health service logo or a map of the world. She’s wearing a face mask, her long hair is blowing in the wind, the strapline praises ‘Courage In The Face Of Adversity.’

Cozier’s pink, black and white posters ‘Stay[IN]g Happy’ impart their message with great visual economy. A respectful, physically distanced ‘Namaste’ gesture of salutation overlays a pared down graphic representing home. Will this considerate expression, dubbed the ‘COVID handshake’, persist in the future beyond its traditional Hindu or yoga usage? Or will we stick with the more prosaic elbow bump? The design cleverly references the importance of both spiritual and physical positivity. We bow to both and each other’s wellbeing.


Holy Moly - Your Space Or Mine, BristolHoly Moly - Your Space Or Mine, BristolHoly Moly - Your Space Or Mine, BristolHoly Moly - Your Space Or Mine, Bristol