• 23 April 2014
I am pilgrim

When the JACK Arts team saw the cover artwork for I AM PILGRIM by Terry Hayes they knew exactly what to do to generate buzz around the release of this new crime/detective thriller series.

Implementing a creative strategy that incorporated the use of ambient outdoor marketing, the team used clear backed static clings to intrigue book lovers with random placements of giant sized fingerprints in Earls Court and the surrounding areas on the first day of the Book Fair. The campaign successfully engaged the target audience and publishers in attendance, much to the delight of the client Trans World Books (part of the Penguin Random House group).

I AM PILGRIM is the debut novel of former journalist and screenwriter Hayes and has already racked up an impressive tally of ratings and reviews. Here’s a snippet of one of our favourites :
“Dan Brown can take a holiday. Terry Hayes is an absolute master of the page turning, compelling plot-full-of-holes thriller, and by the first few pages I willingly suspended belief, took the phone off the hook and had more fun with a book than I can remember in years.” Steve Yeoman