Secret Cinema transport us to Verona Beach

  • 23 July 2018
secret cinema

In recent years, Secret Cinema has truly become synonymous with creative and live immersive experience. Taking on old classics and new blockbusters alike, they continue to push the boundaries of storytelling, bringing films to life in innovative and fresh new ways. Over the last decade they’ve covered everything from Star Wars to Dirty Dancing, The Shawshank Redemption to Moulin Rouge – proving that they truly know how to transport guests to worlds they’ve never been to before, are unlikely to visit again…. and leave them wanting more.

After a successful run of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Secret Cinema are next transporting us to Verona Beach. Running just for 2 weeks in August, they will bring Baz Luhrmann’s epic take on William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet to life in an unknown venue in London. Promising fierce feuds, high octane cars and the most beautiful love story every told, this is guaranteed to be the outdoor event of the summer.

We were excited to work with Kinetic on the outdoor campaign for this latest instalment, including 4 sheet posters and takeovers across London – with the traditional newspaper style creative grabbing the attention of passersby.

You can buy tickets for Romeo + Juliet here.

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