The Modern Billboard

  • 9 December 2014

The debate surrounding art and advertising is something that has been talked about long before we were posting on billboards. As the amount of advertising we witness on a daily basis increases it’s not a surprise that agencies look for new ways to display the old mediums.

Recently JCDecaux announced that they had commissioned leading architect Dame Zaha Hadid with the task of rethinking roadside advertising for a stretch of road in South West London; one of the busiest traffic routes in and out of the city. The curved metal design will feature a single digital advertising screen displaying adverts as well as being used by Transport for London for road safety announcements.

It’s an interesting take on the standard billboard and one that is likely to be hotly debated, as many others before have been, such as the sculpture at Wandsworth roundabout which is now adorned by advertising and the recent amends to a similar site at Old Street are both regularly under fire from criticism. Planning decisions regarding Hadid’s modern take on the billboard are due to made at the end of January.