Valerie Phillips launch event

  • 15 October 2015
Valerie Phillips launch event

As a friend of the self-confessed Peter Pan of the fashion photography world, the Jack team attended Valerie Phillip’s latest book launch at the Ace hotel in Shoreditch. We had a brilliant evening, sipping on cocktails and rubbing shoulders with the trendy people from the creative world.

Phillips is a New York born photographer, based in London, influenced by things she loved as a kid; stickers, outside art and zines. She’s worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Bat for Lashes, Juliette Lewis, Florence and the machine, just to name a few celebs.

‘You left your ring on the floor of me bedroom’ is her 8th book and is the only one whose images have been photographed solely on Phillips’ home turf and a forbidden publication, created in the 12 hours allowed to them before, model, Sara was ordered to return to LA upon arrival.

The resulting images are charged; with emotion, energy, electricity and fight, the determination of the two makers rips through the pages as Sara leaps on traffic islands and dances in the streets of Kentish Town, celebrating her night of freedom. Her actions and clothes tell her story and the streets of London tell Phillips’. The book captures the intensity of the night and perfectly showcases Sara as one of ‘Valerie’s girls’, her striking beauty, androgyny and exuberant energy are tangible. It’s easy to see why Phillips had to photograph her.

The authorities told them they couldn’t make a book, so they stayed up all night and made a book. The launch event was for that book.

Valerie Phillips launch event