CÎROC Vodka x Palace Skateboards


Premium vodka brand CÎROC pride themselves on their modernity and instantly recognisable sleek blue and white design. Ever forward-facing, they’ve collaborated with hyped skate streetwear brand Palace before, but for their second partnership, they’ve taken things to the next level.

The drop includes exclusive bottles featuring the Palace angel holding the P logo, and the magnum is illuminated. Taking things even further, the brands have released accompanying mini versions of a Palace puffer jacket to dress up the bottle itself.

To tease this ambitious project, we teamed up with Talon Outdoor on a takeover of London and Manchester featuring the Palace angel against CÎROC’s trademark sharp blue and white backdrop. The eye-catching posters turned heads and built more awareness for the partnership.


  • Campaign to promote CÎROC Vodka and Palace Skateboards collaboration
  • Posters, takeovers, billboards
  • London

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