HSBC x Shelter


Winter is a difficult time to be experiencing homelessness every year, but with the added stress and complications of the ongoing pandemic is even harder. There are many things that people who are homeless or sleeping rough struggle with that those of us lucky enough to have never experienced it don’t even realise is a problem. While not having shelter is hard enough, not having a fixed address makes applying for jobs, accessing benefits or opening a bank account near impossible.

To combat the latter and make access to employment and benefits easier, HSBC teamed up with Shelter to help people without addresses open up bank accounts. We worked with Talon Outdoor on a poster campaign across London to raise awareness of the initiative in the places where people most in need of it are likely to see it. Not only that, but messaging like, “if you haven’t got a home, how do you find a home for your money?” is likely to elevate understanding and empathy for these difficulties among people who haven’t experienced homelessness.

  • Campaign to promote HSBC and Shelter collaboration
  • Posters, billboards
  • London

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