McQ is the younger, rebellious sibling of Alexander McQueen. The brand is no stranger to mixing art into its creative executions and has a long-standing reputation for collaborating with outsider creators. Earlier this year, concept art found its way into McQ’s Swallow campaign and it was very cool. Their partnership was with renowned collage artist Jesse Draxler, who is known for his dark and slightly sinister style, often working in black and white. The collaboration is a strong reminder of the power of merging fashion and art to create something extraordinary – the kooky artwork looked absolutely amazing on the street.

  • Campaign to promote McQ’s Swallow collection 
  • Outdoor campaign including show-stopping takeovers
  • Located in East London

McQ | SwallowMcQ | Swallow
McQ | SwallowMcQ | SwallowMcQ | SwallowMcQ | Swallow

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