Are You In?

Thankyou has a vision – A world where not one person lives in extreme poverty. They believe that to change the world, we must change the system so they exist to help end extreme poverty and give 100% of their profits to their charity partners. To achieve that purpose, instead of asking the public to donate money to their Trust, they started a company – which sells consumer products, from body care to food products, with all profits going to safe water, hygiene and sanitation programs, and food security programs in 16 countries. To grow this worthy initiative they need more support, that’s why we’ve helped them deliver an important invitation to Proctor & Gamble and Unilever housed in a crate within these massive glass sided vehicles. The hope is that these companies will take notice and join the movement too.

  • Campaign to invite Proctor & Gamble to change the world
  • Experiential
  • London
Thankyou- Are You In? - StuntThankyou- Are You In? - StuntThankyou- Are You In? - StuntThankyou- Are You In? - Stunt

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