European Outdoor Campaign

Jack worked with media agency, MJ Media to create a campaign to promote VANS stores in Italy, executing campaigns in Rome, Padova and Turin.

All locations were carefully chosen based on their proximity to the Vans stores as well as areas of relevance to the brands target audience.

Our portfolio of European sites and experience running pan-European campaigns allowed us to handpick suitable locations for the out-of-home advertising on the historical streets of three of Italy’s busiest and most cultural cities. With a carefully considered creative that was a perfect fit for the cities aesthetics.

  • Key statement 48 sheet sites and high frequency authorised flyposting
  • ROME Highlights: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Sistine Chapel, Vatican
  • OTS ROME 4,960,000
  • PADOVA Highlights: Saint Anthony’s cathedral, Roman ruins, Santa Giustina Basilica, Jewish Ghetto, Botanic Gardens
  • OTS PADOVA 3,835,000
  • TURIN Highlights: Piazza Castello, Porta Nuova, Piazza Carlo Felie Square, Biblioteca Reale, Torre Littoria, Via Po
  • OTS TURIN 3,362,000

Vans | Manchester banner
Vans | European outdoor campaignVans | European outdoor campaignVans | European outdoor campaign